You Know Gas is Expensive When…

From News of the Weird:

A 40-year-old man in Cedarburg, Wis., was arrested on suspicion of DUI when police noticed the severed hose of a gas station pump sticking out of his car’s fuel door. (It belonged to a Kwik Trip station.)

Note to self: Make sure to remove the hose before pumping and running.

[Source: News of the Weird]

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  1. Anonymous

    Like mapgirl said, they are designed to seperate and close off the tank to prevent a hazard.

    I have seen idiots pour gas all over the station (and themselves) but that was just because they were somewhat retarded. Clumping kitty litter does a great job of cleaning up gasoline before it can run into the ground.

  2. Anonymous

    No, when the hose gets ripped off, the gas does not spill out everywhere. The pump handle has to be squeezed to get fuel to flow. Handle torn off = no handle to squeeze.

    I’ve never see it happen, but I think that it does happen since the hardware is designed to ‘tear away’ without too much damage to there rest of the pumping station.

    However, it’s a crime in most states to pump and run, and many stations have outdoor cameras which will record your license plate, so it’s a stupid idea to do it. Especially if we see you every week buying gas. (*dumb teenagers*)

  3. Anonymous

    You laugh about it, but when I was a kid we had that happen on a somewhat regular basis at the gas station I worked at. Well, it happened 3 or 4 times in the two or three years I was there, anyway.

    Usually it was just an idiot not paying attention or in too much of a rush. We never had a “pump and run”; at least not while I was there.

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