Yes, Virginia, There is a Two Dollar Bill

A funny thing happened at lunch the other day… While waiting at the counter for the cashier to take my order, I overheard an interesting exchange between the guy next to me and the cashier that was helping him. He ordered his sandwich and then went to pay with a couple of two dollar bills. The cashier, a young woman of about twenty, was incredulous…

Cashier: What’s this?
Guy: A two dollar bill.
Cashier: Huh? Really?
Guy: Yeah, really.
Cashier: Are you sure it’s real money?
Guy: Yeah, it’s real.
Cashier: Are you sure? When did they start making these?
Guy: Over a hundred years ago. [Note: The $2 denomination was first introduced in July 1862]
Cashier: No way. There’s no such thing as a two dollar bill.
Guy: Yeah, there is. They don’t make ’em anymore [Note: They actually do still make these — see below], but it’s real money.

At this point, I interjected that she needn’t worry unless he tried to pass off a three dollar bill. She gave me a quizzical look and then checked with a co-worker. Sure enough, two dollar bills are real, the co-worker said. And shortly thereafter life at the lunch counter returned to normal.

Kind of reminds me of this story, or perhaps this one (login required, use BugMeNot), although security didn’t get involved, nobody was arrested, and the secret service wasn’t needed to straighten things out.

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  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of ‘funny money’ I’m reminded of when I was travelling in Latin America in the late 60’s and 70s. I always carried JFK halves for tip money. He was idolized down South and on later visits I’d always have people going out of their way to assist me in any way.

  2. Anonymous

    I use $2 bills all the time just to see the reaction of the cashier. The first problem they have is that they don’t know what part of the draw to put it in since there is no slot for the $2 bill.

  3. Anonymous

    Apparently $2 bills are popular at betting places.

    Dollar coins are popular in the Boston Public Transportation System and in some automated Postal Office Stamp Selling Machines.

  4. Anonymous

    I work at a movie theater and get all sorts of bills and coins. I have a Silver Certificate($1 bill), A couple of silver quarters, nickels and A ton of Silver 50 cent peices. one is a 1932 Liberty coin.

  5. Anonymous

    Heck, I keep a supply of the gold dollar coins in the key tray of my car…the local self-serve car wash (great for getting off those stubborn deposits of pigeon-sh!t that accumulate when parking downtown) gives a 25% discount if you pay with golden dollar coins, vs the price if paid in quarters or bills.

  6. Anonymous

    geez, i always thought these kind of stories were just for jokes.

    only currency I dont see regularly is the gold dollar coins. which I only received once through all these years…

  7. Nickel

    tomdobb, you’re right… According to WikiPedia they were printed as recently as 2004:

    In 2004, 121,600,000 of the newest $2 bills, Series 2003, were printed bearing the signatures of John W. Snow and Rosario Marin. Both of these issues have the same design as the Series 1976 $2 bill.

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