Why Didn’t I Get My Tax Refund?

Why Didn't I Get My Tax Refund?

Have you filed your taxes yet? I haven’t. In fact, I rarely get things pulled together this early. But some people do. And it won’t be long before at least a few of them are wondering why their tax refund has shown up.

Well, the good folks over at WiseBread have some answers…

  • Errors on your return. Simple errors, like marking down the wrong filing status, entering the wrong social security numbers, or even forgetting to sign your return can delay your refund.
  • You owe back taxes. If you owe state or federal taxes from a previous year, the government can simply apply the refund that you’d otherwise get to what you owe.
  • You owe child support. Your tax refund can be withheld to cover any outstanding child support that you might owe.
  • You defaulted on your student loans. Have you fallen behind on your student loan payments? Well, guess what? The IRS can (and will) turn your refund over to the Department of Education if you default on your student loans.
  • They can’t find you. Believe it or not, the IRS is holding $153M in the form of 99k undelivered (and undeliverable) tax refunds. If there’s an error in your mailing address, don’t expect to receive your refund anytime soon.

If you’re wondering where you check might be, and why it hasn’t arrived, try using the “Where’s My Refund?” tool get things sorted out.

Source: WiseBread.com

11 Responses to “Why Didn’t I Get My Tax Refund?”

  1. Anonymous

    Ive checked website for over a year no help what so ever. Never got my state taxes last year they say we put in your account they didnt, i sent my account statements an still nothing ? What can i do talked to gobs of peps no answers. Help!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I haven’t received my refund for 2012. All year their website said it was being processed. Now it’s 2014 any their website can’t give me any information on my refund.

  3. Anonymous

    I owe state due to fines. But I recieved more in taxes than owed. But havent recieved the difference? Had the rest of my taxes direct deposit n I got them but havent got my mi state tax? Whats up with that?

  4. Anonymous

    I have been filing my taxes and state return for years and for some reason I NEVER get my state return and no one can tell me why. I lived in Illinois and in the past few years moved to Indiana and I still havent gotten a state return. Whats the problem?

  5. Anonymous

    I originally filed mid January 2012. In March I got a letter saying to re-file(ammended form 1040). The Irs recieved my ammended form & payments March 16, 2012. Both checks I mailed were cashed March 19th. IRS says Ammended forms take 8-12 weeks. Today’s June 9th & the 15th is the end of 12 weeks from them recieving my ammended forms. I’ve been waiting since mid January basically. Is it normal for ammended tax refunds to ever take 12 weeks or longer? Is it possible I may not get my tax return? They can’t give me any information but to “wait”.

  6. Anonymous

    ive had the same similar problem.. i have been waiting on my x’s tax return for delinquent child support that i get every yr. the date it gave to expect was on may 8. the next day it says it has been received and is being processed. Still no $$$.. does anyone know whats going on??

  7. Anonymous

    I mailed my income taxes around Feb. 8 or 9, and did the long form like i always do. i went and looked on the irs.gov website and it gave me a date of or around April 3rd. That has came and went. now the website says you taxes have been received and being processed. Could you tell me what does that mean and am i getting my taxes? ive tired calling but everything is automated so you dont get a live person.

  8. Anonymous

    The Where’s My Refund tool is utter crap. I checked it a couple of times a week for the four weeks after we submitted electronically. It didn’t tell me when my deposit would happen until the day before. Not really very useful and the message it gives when it doesn’t know yet, makes you think there’s a problem with your return. IRS even had something up on the main page, the last week I was checking, that said, don’t call us if “Where’s My Refund” doesn’t tell you a date, it doesn’t mean there is a problem. I don’t recommend it.

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