What’s Your Favorite Credit Card?

Update: I’ve compiled a list of the best credit cards based on your feedback.

It’s time for a quick, informal poll…

I’m curious to find out about your favorite credit cards. So…

What’s your favorite credit card, and why?

If you don’t use credit cards, feel free to let us know that, and to also share your reasons.

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51 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Credit Card?”

  1. Anonymous

    My favorite is my Citi Home Rebate Card. Receive 6% Rebate on Utilities, Cable/Satellite TV, Internet Connection and Telecommunication for 12 Months and then
    receive 1% on all other purchases. Then once a year they send a principal payment of the money you’ve earned to your Mortgage Company. If you’re going to use a credit card anyway you might as well reap a benefit and I make sure to pay it off each month so as not to incrue any interest charges.

  2. Anonymous

    Citi Driver’s Edge.
    As several people mentioned it above, rebates on gas and other purchases are pretty good for the first year.
    I used this few years ago when I was in college delivering pizzas as my part time job. Drove 50~100 miles a day but pizza deliverers aren’t considered commercial drivers, so I was eligible for those driving miles as well, which added up a lot. Now, they charge $60 annual fee and I don’t drive a lot anymore so I canceled it.

  3. Anonymous

    I use my Citi Driver’s Edge card. First year 6% on Gas, Groceries and Pharmacy. 3% after that. They also give points for the miles that you drive.

    You can convert to Thank You Points (for Gift cards and other rewards) or get statement credits for Automobile services. I occasionally get a $100 gift card but mostly use it for statement credit for Auto services.

  4. Anonymous

    When I was in the market for new trucks, I used my GM MasterCard for regular purchases I would have made anyway and quickly racked up substantial credits. Then when they offered me additional incentives (bonus credits) to use towards GM vehicles, I cashed in… twice. Saved me about $4,500 total with 2 new GM purchases, on top of factory and dealer incentives, so I ended up getting the cars OTD for thosands under MSRP.

    I drove those cars around for 3 years each until the warranty ran out and then sold them both for a net loss out of pocket for $6,000 after all was said and done. The cars cost me $1,000 per year each to own, or $83/month, much cheaper to operate than even renting a car.

    I would’ve come out more ahead too if I didn’t throw on aftermarket goodies (tint, alarm, etc.) that drove up the cost basis of the cars.

  5. Anonymous

    Great English speaking reps who do not rush you. They gave me a rate of less than 12% without me asking or having to “haggle” for it. They have a type of prepayment system, where if you over pay the minimum one month, the next month nothing is due. (Interest still accrues but there is no payment during that cycle.) That is a good feature compared to some of the cards. Some of my other cards from asking questions it really seems they are trying to pull a fast one with statement dates and late fees. My Bank of America card really seems like a racket especially with the way they advertise with big bold 0% and small fine print about the fees AND their aggressive marketing of sending me “blank” checks 1x per week!

    I don’t use revolving debt very much. I just recently took out some credit cards this summer. I buy fast food with 1 -2 x per month to help establish my credit history. I make a purchase the same day I send in a payment so I always have a balance when they report to the credit reporting agencies.
    *giggle* The kids eating fast food gives me time to do online banking that night! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My second favorite is ExxonMobil Platinum by Citbank. I love their online banking. It’s easy to navigate and shows you everything. They also have tech support 24×7 if you can’t log into online banking. There was a very short hold time when I called for that.

    They have reps in the US and their “retention” department will give you credit line increases and lower your APR.

    For a store card I love Target! They gave me a card with a low credit line when I was first building my credit. ๐Ÿ™‚ Their reps are in the US. They also donate $ from my reward points to Seton Home Study.
    This is a good card for someone without credit or poor credit to apply for to build their history.

  6. Anonymous

    AT&T Universal card with Citi bank, I only use for balance transfers because I get great life of the loan rates. I started my business with a loan at 1.9 % interest. I never use it for purchases, just transfers because you can’t beat it and every time I pay off the loan amount, the credit limit goes up and up. Plus no annual fee. Great one. AAA visa platinum plus with Bank of America is a 9.90% with no annual fee and cash back for fuel, which comes in handy because I fuel up a lot, plus I got 0% interest for six months and they raise the credit limit quite often. I don’t like store cards, but have a Best Buy one because it is great. I only use it when they offer me promotions such as no financing for 18 months. That is when I replace the lap top, printer or etc. It is like saving your money by not putting a bunch out all at once and never paying interest. So I could not refuse, but always pay it off before the last month of no interest.

  7. Anonymous

    Amex Blue for me. I’ve had it about 2 years now and I’ve gotten about $600 cash back each year. It’s credited yearly and comes at a nice time right after the holidays. Plus, they offer extended warranty service– doubles the warranty on items you purchase with the card for up to five years. My desktop computer’s mainboard went bad at 14 months– two months out of Emachines warranty period. I took it to a local repair shop and had it fixed for $275. Amex credited my account the full amount within a month after submitting the paperwork. They had very good service the whole time and called me personally soon after I filed the claim to see if I had any questions as well as sent email updates on the status.

  8. Anonymous

    The best card by far was my MBNA Stockback VISA card which BofA pried from my hands about 6 months ago and tried to replace with the amazingly inferior Worldpoints card. I took out my immense displeasure by calling a supervisor and having them admit that their replacement card was inferior in every respect to the Stockback card and that it would be stupid for me to accept it. The Stockback card paid 3% at the highest tier on ALL purchases with no limit and then deposited the booty directly into my ING account every 2 months. It was the closest thing to perfect I’ve seen in the credit card world. Stockback.com is still there and looking for a new partner. Until then, my Chase Freedom keeps me company and pays me faster than Blue Cash…important but rarely talked about.

  9. Anonymous

    My favorite is the Chase Rewards card: 5% back on gas, groceries and drugstores, 1% on everything else. I also have a Chase that offers 3% back on restaurants, gas, building supply, hardware, office supply and home improvement stores, 1% on everything else. I use my Discover card for whatever it’s currently running the “Get More” (5%) promotions that change every couple months (currently, restaurants & movies. Off the top of my head, I’ve seen it promote travel or healthcare or online purchases although not at the same time).

  10. Anonymous

    Our primary card is the GMAC Mortgage Equity card. 1% goes towards paying down the principal of our mortgage. Card #2 is the CITI Upormise card. 1% into the kids 529 plans. Credit cards can be used for good and not just evil. As long as you PIF monthly.

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t use my favorite anymore (still paying it off but at least I’m not adding to it!); nevertheless, it’s a keeper for emergency use. It’s the Fidelity MasterCard (MBNA). I’ve had it for five years, they’ve never charged me an annual fee, and most importantly, they’ve never ever raised the APR, which has always been at 5.9%. I once asked them about it, and they said that they don’t raise rates for their best customers. Sure, it’s a sales ploy, but it sure works for me.


  12. Anonymous

    I love my Chase Professional card, with no yearly fee and 1-3% cash back. The 3% is on gas (who doesn’t need that), home improvement and restaurants, to name a few businesses. I’ve gotten over $150 so far. The best part is the card is interest-free for a year, and when interest does kick in, it’ll be 9%, which is below the average cost of credit offered through credit cards (at least, that’s what I’ve been reading). I’m planning on having this card paid off by the time the interest kicks in, though, since I make very high payments. If not, I’ll still make huge payments so I don’t have to pay even the 9% for more than a month or two.

  13. Anonymous

    Discover. I love the 1% cash back, their occasional higher percentage cash back deals and their great web interface, When my card was compromised recently, they closed the account immediately and issued new cards quickly. Now I use their web based “shopping” credit card numbers option when making online purchases for added security.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve had a Discover card for years, and prefer their web interface over Citicard. However, I’ve switched to a Citi Driver’s Edge, because if I can get points for driving (and I drive a LOT) that’s free money. Whether or not I can get points for driving is another issue – they haven’t credited my account yet, even though I’m enrolled and submitted the appropriate paperwork. I should call and see what’s up.

    Anyways, my other card of choice is the Amex Blue Cash. We charge enough each year to hop over the $5K bar pretty quickly. And once you hit that, you get 1.5% on all purchases, and I think 5% on groceries and gas. We should get a little over $200 back this year, more if we charge the appliances for the kitchen remodel before the card anniversary date.

  15. Anonymous

    My favorite is my Discover. I’ve had it since my senior year of college, and I’ve never carried a balance on it. It’s always been easy and hassle-free – even when the card number was stolen.

    My husband and I are saving the cash-back to get a Dyson vacuum.

  16. Anonymous

    I have several cards.

    Nordstrom Visa Card. They don’t use a matrix wehen determining if they can up your credit class. I am hovering around a 600 with a very short credit history, and they have upped me from $500 to $4000 since May of this year. My interest is 14.65 with them. 2 points for every dollar, redeemable for $20 Nordstrom Cash, that never expire. I use it to pay for everything outside of nordstroms to shop cheaply at Nordstroms.

    I also have 2 BofA Visa’s, One the partially secured that I use for my small stupid transactions (gas & food), and the Rainbow one with the high limit, and 14.99% rate.

    Discover Get More with 5% cash back on food and movies (changes quarterly what cat’s they give 5% in) is really nice. I pay it off in full every month.

    I also have Points Checking from National City, So I get tons of points everywhere. My policy is everything goes on credit card, period! Then at the end of the day, I sit and enter each reciept into the bill pay. Spent 30.57 on gas, bill pay goes to that card in 30.57 on the following friday. In the event I make a big purchase on one of the cards that one paycheck won’t cover, I throw an extra $50 or $100 towards it till paid off. It’s a great system, and I “Don’t buy crap I can’t afford” unless it’s an emergency (just had to spend $800 on a new washer, mine finally died)

  17. Anonymous

    My wife and I use our American Express Fidelity 529 Rewards Card exclusively now (unless a merchant doesn’t accept American Express; then we use our debit card). We get a quarterly credit of 1.5% of our purchases into our daughter’s 529 college savings plan (she is 3 months old so we’re getting a head start). If we charge $2,000 a month for a year, that is $360 of college savings!

  18. Anonymous

    While I use the Amazon credit card for all Amazon purchases I feel that my Fidelity Credit card is a better deal. For every 5000 points you get $75 dollars that goes directly into a Fidelity accout. They also have a 529 card that I would like to sign up for once I have kids.

  19. Anonymous

    My Chase Freedom VISA — no annual fee, 3% on my top three spending categories (1% on the rest), additional rewards when I shop online. If I let my rewards build up to $200 before requesting a rewards check, I will actually receive a check for $250.

  20. Anonymous

    Hm. I have several I use for different purposes, but I guess right now I’d have to say it’s the Pentagon FCU Platinum Visa. No annual fee, 1.25% cash discount on everything other than gasoline, which is 5%. No limit on the amount of gas you buy applying to the 5% rate, unlike my Discover Open Road, and no thresholds to hit (rebate amount is discounted from your bill every month).

  21. Anonymous

    I have a citibank card that I love. I don’t love the debt I have on it, but I love how they’ve treated me. I’ve forgotten to pay my bill a few times over the 8 or 9 years I’ve been with them and they’ve always forgiven my fees when I’ve asked nicely. My balance is currently at a special 2.99% rate because I threatened to take my business elsewhere (and it’s been that way for well over a year). My balance keeps getting smaller and my limit keeps going up, so I figure thats doing some nice things for my credit score ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Anonymous

    AMEX Blue Cash Rewards hands down. It’s consistently rated the best rewards card for a reason – last year got about 2.4% back in cash. We use it anywhere we can.

  23. Anonymous

    Amex Costco business card – 5% back on gas, 3% back on dining, 1% everything else

    I use Chase Freedom for everything but gas, dining, and Costco – 3% back on top 3 categories, 1% back on everything else

    Anyone get 5% back on groceries for longer than one year?

  24. Anonymous

    I like our our Chase Amazon Visa. My husband and I put work-related as well as personal purchases on it, so when he travels on business we rack up the points for expenses his company reimburses. I buy a lot from Amazon for the house and for gifts (and music, and books, and vitamins – lots of stuff) because that is where I usually find the best prices and free shipping. We get 3 points for each dollar spent on Amazon and 1 point for each dollar spent elsewhere. We get hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise certificates, and it’s all for stuff we would buy any way. We never, ever carry a balance so we do not pay interest.

    We used to use our Discover card more before we got the Amazon card, and we would get $600-$800 cash back per year (again, never carried a balance, so “free money”). We get more back with the Amazon card right now, though.

  25. Anonymous

    I’d have to say my Southwest VISA. I fly SWA all the time and for work we can’t get “business” cards, but we get reimbursed. So I make big purchases, pay it off, and then fly for free.

  26. Anonymous

    My favorite is a newer one – the Citi AMEX Platinum Card. I found out about it on the forums over at SlickDeals. During the first year the annual fee is waived, and for the first two years you get 5 Thank You points per dollar on gas/grocery/drugstores and 3 TY points on everything else. They also offer 15,000 bonus points after the first purchase. Since you can usually redeem points at a rate of $.01/point on gift cards, it is effectively a minimum 3% back on everything.

  27. Anonymous

    I like my 3 credit cards now but I don’t trust them at all.

    Favorite is my store Target card. I’ve saved so much from their prescription plan and 10% coupons. I estimate close to $500 a year I’ve saved using their store coupons, 10% off rewards, and prescription $4 plan. Easy to pay bill online or in store.

    Second favorite is Barnes and Noble card. I like to read so this card suits me. I get an additional 5% off from BN (plus I have the 10% discount card) AND they send me numerous coupons–it’s great. The best coupon was the additional 50% off any item instore and online. Plus I earn BN gift cards and they are done automatically, so I don’t have to contact them to cash in points–it’s automatic. I use the BN gift cards for books and Starbucks (inside BN). Yummy.

    Third is American Express Costco card. It’s okay, but honestly, I use this rarely. I get my rebate from Costco once a year but I prefer getting it regularly (like with my BN card).

  28. Anonymous

    My favorite card is the American Express Rewards Plus Gold charge card. Outstanding service and great perks not found with any other provider make it a worthwhile choice. The additional fee-free cards make the annual fee more palatable than other AMEX charge cards, and features such as roadside assistance and Global Assist Hotline make other fee-based providers such as AAA unnecessary.

    For those merchants that don’t accept AMEX, I like my Capital One No Hassles Cash Rewards card. I can apply as little as I have accrued to my statement balance whenever I want with no limits or restrictions, and I get 1% (plus an extra 0.25% once a year) regardless of how much I spend or what categories expenses happen to be in. Capital One is also great for spending overseas with no fees for currency conversion.

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t carry a balance but I charge everything I can (except for my mortgage) to my Countrywide Visa card. For every $2500 I charge (2500 points) I get a $50 credit towards the PRINCIPAL balance of my mortgage…..can’t beat that deal.

  30. Anonymous

    I’ve used a couple of different 1% cash back cards. But recently, I’ve stuck to my 0.5% instant cash back atm card.

    Although I don’t carry a balances, I think using the atm card is helping me spend *even less.* Although, I might just have to checkout that Amex card Kira mentioned.

  31. Anonymous

    Believe it or not, it’s my Capital One No Hassles card. I like that the 1% rebate is credited every year, instead of them giving you “points” that you redeem for an even amount of cash like some cards do. I also like that there is no foreign currency fee at all–CapOne is the only card issuer that can claim this.

  32. Anonymous

    we don’t use credit cards because we choose to not participate in a product that causes so much pain for so many people and I like to have our expenses spread throughout the month and not just one big payment when a credit card would be due.

  33. Anonymous

    I have never had a credit card in my name, but my husband’s GM Mastercard has saved us a few thousand dollars on 2 vehicles so far. This has worked for us since we are believers in buying new cars (with cash) and GM vehicles have served our family well for many generations. However, many of the foreign models are looking more attractive so we may look to switch to a card with more immediate rewards.

  34. Anonymous

    Work Assets Platinum Plus Visa.

    The PROS:
    * 10ร‚ยข donated to progressive causes with each purchase
    * Extra benefits (like AMEX), purchase protection
    * No annual fee
    * 9.99% interest rate, but I don’t carry a balance
    * So-so points network with BoA

    The CONS:
    * administered by BoA

  35. Anonymous

    We only have one credit card and we hate it. But it has no debt on it, so we’re happy about that. It’s got 29.9% APR. ๐Ÿ˜›

    We haven’t applied for another because we’re not planning to use them–as a part of our whole debt repayment plan. At least we’ve got the credit card debt taken care of.

  36. Anonymous

    My American Express Rewards Green card. AMAZING service. When you call with a question they are always willing to help. I’ve never gotten a sour employee. I also enjoy having a “no-limit” card so when I travel for work i dont have to worry about going over my limit. Dispute resolution is a dream-come-true… so easy. It’s nice having rewards that are actually worth something too. I dont mind the $96/year fee — it’s worth it!

  37. Anonymous

    USAA Amex Cash Rewards…. a little black Amex with no annual fee. 5% cash back on groceries, gas, resteraunts, etc for the 1st year. 1.5% cash back after that.

  38. Anonymous

    we only use 1, and its a chase Amazon card, it gives us points back and when we hit a certain amount we get amazon gift certificates for $25. If we have to use a credit card, thats the one we use.

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