What’s Your Blog Worth?

I just ran across a fun little tool for estimating the value of your blog. This calculator uses: (1) the dollar-to-link ratio of the AOL-Weblogs, Inc. deal, and (2) the number of incoming links that your site has (according to Technorati). Despite being wildly inaccurate, it’s kind of fun to play around with. Now I just need to find someone willing to pay me $47, 985.90 for this site! So… What’s your site worth?

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s been a good week for me. Financial Revolution just shot up from $0 to $1,693.62. I put in an order to sell once it hits $50,000. Anyone want to buy an option?

  2. Anonymous

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, and am impressed with your content.

    When you have a moment, please email me:

    [email protected]

    (I have some ideas that might help both of our finance-related blogs…)


    I run “Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value” – a site devoted to Value Investing, Warren Buffett, and – of course – Ben Graham.

    Since July the site has recorded 35,000 page views from 42 countries (including Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Thailand, etc.)

    Thank you,
    Shai Dardashti

    Editor, http://www.ShaiDardashti.com

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