Weekly Roundup – You Can’t Go Home Again Edition

This weekend we’re heading back to our old stomping grounds to visit the friends and former neighbors that we left behind when we moved last year. It’ll be strange to spend a weekend in our old neighborhood, and even more strange to see other people living in our old house. While we’re doing that, you should be reading these fine pieces of personal finance penmanship…

FMF talked about blending index funds to improve your returns.

JLP asked if employers should reduce 401(k) options.

MBH asked how far you’d go for a perfect feedback rating on eBay.

Flexo asked if Wal-Mart back to school sales are newsworthy. I’d have to say “no” to that.

Handyman Jim re-tiled his master bathroom.

Lazy Man talked about choosing a 529 plan. I also have 529 plans on my mind.

Jeremy asked if it’s better to buy a stock before or after it splits.

Ben asked if the minimum wage is too low.

Sun talked about paying off debt vs. investing.

SVB talked about the science behind spending.

4M asked if buying certified pre-owned vehicles makes sense.

Gather Little by Little talked about seven financial mistakes he’s made.

Finally, David discovered the value of reward credit cards when he cashed in a pile of frequent flyer miles. If you’re going to be travelling soon, there are a boatload of frequent flyer credit cards out there that are offering with signup bonuses of as many as 20, 000 free miles to jump start your account or round out a ticket.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nickel, this is a great set of links. If you do this as often as it looks (and I think you do)congratulations, you have another subscriber! I should check out your other blog too, it looks just as relevant to mine as this one.

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