Weekly Roundup – Toy Recall Edition

As I’m sure you’re aware, there have been a ton of toy recalls over the past year or so. Not long ago, I ran across the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s master list of toy recalls (link). Unfortunately, they don’t offer an RSS feed… But we do!

You can read more about our toy recall RSS feed over at Raising4Boys, but the upshot is that you can subscribe by adding the following url to your preferred newsreader:

Toy Recall RSS Feed: http://www.raising4boys.com/toyrecalls/

Alternatively, you can sign up to receive recall updates via e-mail.

Okay, end of public service announcement… Let’s get to the roundup.

NCN out together a table of how well you’d do if you maximized your retirement contributions over various time periods.

FMF is looking to buy cheap now that home foreclosures are spiking.

MBH talked about bargains that aren’t a bargain.

Flexo talked about retiring in a lighthouse.

JLP talked about how silly franchise concepts.

JD buys his beef a whole cow at a time.

Ben talked about the curse of the pager.

Jeremy highlighted the bright side of the declining dollar.

SVB talked about loans to avoid (or at least think carefully about before taking on).

4M put together an illustrated guide to cash flow.

Sun talked about foreign, dividend paying stocks.

Lazy Man’s on vactation (hence the name “Lazy, ” I guess) but Plonkee filled in with a post on how procrastination costs you money.

Speaking of Plonkee… Check out this list of 101 frugal Christmas gift ideas.

Finally, there’s a new personal finance weblog on the block… Go check out My Dollar Plan. It just launched on November 7th, but there’s already some nice content in place.

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