Weekly Roundup – The Internet is Dead Edition

We just got back from vacation today and I was delighted to find that our internet is down due to a dead DSL modem. I’ve been in touch with AT&T (formerly BellSouth) and they’re sending us a new one. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive until Tuesday, so…

Until then, I’ll be limping along with my Palm Centro (with unlimited data thanks to the Sprint SERO plan) and a copy of USB Modem, which is a shareware program that lets me access the Sprint network from my laptop using my cell as a modem.

Recent links of interest

Credit Card Addict covered what merchants can and cannot do when it comes to limiting the acceptance of credit cards.

Ben talked about saving money on gas. I’ve recently written up some gas saving tips, and have also managed to improve my gas mileage by about 15%.

Flexo pointed out that better student loan rates are on their way… As of July 1, you can consolidate your loans for as much as 3% less in interest. I don’t have any student loans, but if I did I’d be chomping at the bit to do this.

JLP pointed out that this is shaping up to be the second worst June in history for the S&P 500. Before you panic, be sure to check out this post from FMF in which he shares some wisdom from Vanguard on investing in a down market. In short, stay the course.

Paid Twice share four strategies for avoiding fighting “the takeout urge.” With four kids, a busy work life, tons of extracurricular activities, etc., we eat out a lot. Perhaps I should take this article to heart.

And that, my friends, is all that I have the patience for. This slow cell phone-based internet is killing me!

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  1. Anonymous

    The ‘on/off’ button on my modem (why it has one in the first place, I’ll never know…
    went to the local phone company building and got another one..
    how did we LIVE before internet?

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