Weekly Roundup – Mailing Articles Edition

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added the ability to send articles via e-mail from right here on the website. Just scroll down to the end of an article, click the “e-mail this article” link, fill in the required fields, and send it on its way. This is a great way to share articles with friends, or even send them to yourself for future reference.

With that said, let’s get to the roundup…

NCN put together an illustrated guide to debt reduction. He also put together a nice list of tips for playing golf on the cheap.

SVB looked at how much college will cost by the time your kids get there.

Ben put together a nice list of financial tips for college students.

Flexo was thinking along the same lines when he compiled his own list of financial tips for the college bound.

Jim continued his Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance series by warning against being penny wise, but pound foolish.

JLP took a critical look at 401(k) accounts.

Mrs. Micah listed the things that her parents taught her about money management.

Jaimie talked about how easy it is to reclassify wants as needs.

Madison talked about what it’s like to leave the workforce at 29.

Ron compiled a list of tips for spotting a home improvement scam.

Over on Credit Addict, I put together a rundown of how to make money with 0% balance transfers. And prior to that, I published a list of 0% balance transfer credit cards offers with no fee.

David recently moved and has a list of tips how to decorate on a budget.

Credit Addict talked about using 0% balance transfers to reduce your debt.

Finally, be sure to check out the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great idea about the e-mails. I’ve been using the “Share This” plugin, which has an e-mail option. Have you tried the WP-Print plugin as well?

    Anyway, thanks for including my piece about parents.

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