Weekly Roundup – Foundation Wall Edition

The addition on our house is moving along… We returned from a weekend away to a completed foundation wall. They dug and poured the footers earlier in the week, and the framers are scheduled to come tomorrow morning. Things are really start taking shape.

And now here’s a quick look at some of the personal finance articles that caught my eye over the past week.

Flexo reminded us that the “Do Not Call” list is about to expire.

Jim talked about what to do during a recession.

JD talked about living debt free.

NCN talked about investing in a Roth IRA.

JLP talked about equity harvesting.

FMF talked about saving money by using a cell phone.

4M wrote an interesting piece in which he likened lifes ups and downs to the stock market.

Jeremy talked about the woman that’s suing Apple for $1 million because of the recent iPhone price cut.

Lazy Man shared his opinion on so-called baby bonds.

Sun wants to know if you missed the stock market rally.

Ben talked about making extra money be selling on eBay.

Finally, Dawn wrote up some useful tips for making efficient use of ceiling fans.

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