Weekly Roundup – Credit Addict Facelift Edition

A few months back, I mentioned that I had launched a credit card website called Credit Addict. It’s been in need of a facelift for awhile, and this weekend I finally got around dressing it up. In case you’re curious, I invite you to drop by and check it out — and maybe be subscribe to receive updates via RSS or e-mail.

And now, the roundup…

David put together a list of frugal ways to re-use everyday items.

FMF wrote about the best way to get a raise based on his past experiences.

Jim asked people to share their definition of “rich” and an interesting discussion ensued.

Lazy Man shared some resources for researching a purchase. This dovetails nicely with my recent post on the very same topic.

J.D. shared some tips for creating a quick and dirty budget. As far as I’m concerned, nothing’s quicker (or dirtier!) than our reverse budgeting process.

MBH wants to know how much you’ll fight for in the checkout line. I have to admit that I’m sometimes driven to fight for a pittance just on principle. Not usually in the checkout line where I might inconvenience others, but I’m otherwise not afraid to stand up for myself.

Jeremy wants to encourage you to start planning for holiday gift-giving today.

Pinyo put together an interesting graphic for visualizing wants vs. needs.

Finally, Kay published a list of the states ranked by tax rates. In case you’re curious, Alaska has the lowest rate whereas New Jersey has the highest.

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