Weekly Roundup – Cinnamon Bear Edition

Today was a big day in our household… November 29th marks the traditional start of the “The Cinnamon Bear, ” an old-time, holiday-themed radio serial. I first learned about The Cinnamon Bear when JD wrote about it over at Get Rich Slowly a few years ago.

If you have kids, this is definitely worth checking out. The individual episodes are 10-12 minutes long, and if you listen to one per day starting on November 29th, they wrap up on Christmas Eve. The files can be downloaded from GRS, so go ahead and click through to get started.

And now for some recent articles that caught my eye…

Finally, be sure to check out Consumerism Commentary’s charity drive… They’re matching charitable contributions through the end of the month. It’s nearly over, but there still a bit of time to make a donation and get the match.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think our kids are still too young to focus for that long but sounds like something they might like when they’re older. Thanks for mentioning the reverse mortgage post!

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