Weekly Roundup – Christmas Tree Edition

‘Tis the season… We spent the evening decorating the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music. Actually, my wife spent the evening unwrapping and handing out ornaments, the kids spent the evening decorating the tree, and I spent the evening taking ornaments from the bottom front of the tree and spreading them around the tree.

And now I’m sitting here basking in the glow of our Christmas lights writing my weekly roundup…

NCN was getting ready for a yard sale.

MBH wrote about investing in yourself by learning things of value.

J.D. was thinking along similar lines when he asked if an education is a good investment.

Jim shared some thoughts on stock market corrections.

Flexo wrote about giving to charity. This is very near the top of my list right now.

JLP thinks Merrill Lynch is full of bull.

Jeremy provided a visual history of the stock market.

Sun provided some insight into the performance of his defensive stocks.

Lazy Man buys gift cards even though I think gift cards are a lame gift.

Ben’s thinking about tax season.

4M wrote up some details of his job hunting expedition.

SVB is thinking about retirement.

My Dollar Plan explained what a Roth 401(k) is.

Trent wrote up everything you ever need to know about personal finance on the back of five business cards.

Finally, David put together a fantastic rundown of upcoming tax law changes.

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