Weekly Roundup – Back to School Edition

After a fun and eventful summer, it’s nearly time for school to start back up. This week Sons #1 and #2 will to go back to school, whereas Son #3 will have his very first day of kindergarten. They’ll actually spend tomorrow at a waterpark for one last summer blast. After that, they’ll get to meet their teachers on Tuesday at the open house, and Wednesday will be the first day of the new school year.

With that said, here are some articles that caught my eye over the past week.

Jim listed three reasons why he loves index funds.

I also learned that FMF and Warren Buffett are likewise in love with index funds. As an aside, did you know that FMF and Warren Buffett went to high school together? True story.

Flexo put together a list of 0% APR credit cards.

MBH talked about making money with an eBay store.

JLP got spanked by his insurance company — got have that wind coverage! I would imagine that this is happening to many along the Gulf Coast.

Ben asked why people ignore easy money. If nothing else, sign up for a reward credit card.

Is your gap insured? 4M talked about gap insurance.

SVB listed seven ways to destroy your credit with subprime loans.

Jeremy talked about the true cost of your commute.

Lazy Man talked about his alternative streams of income.

Finally, Sun talked about setting up a second 529. He ended up going with Ohio, which ranked as one of my three best 529 plans.

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