Weekly Roundup – Avoiding Chores Edition

Well, I managed to make it through the day without doing any of the odd jobs that I need to get done. I have two light switches to replace, a new faucet to install, and a variety of other tasks to complete. And yet the best I could do today was to hit Home Depot and Lowes for supplies. And while the day’s still not over with, I’m busy putting together this list of articles that caught my eye over the past week instead of Getting Things Done™…

FMF argued that now is a great time to invest. Despite voicing some concerns over the direction of the market earlier this week, I tend to agree.

On a related note, MBH said that “the market is always right.”

Jim talked about how big brother is watching you whenever you make large bank transfers.

Flexo broke down his vacation spending in painstaking detail.

JLP’s guest blogger Cathy talked about letters of instruction. They’re the perfect complement to a well thought out estate plan.

SVB talked about profiting from the weak U.S. dollar.

Ben tackled the issue of personal productivity in an article about how he’s going to stop wasting time and money.

Jeremy has been running a poll on what changes you’re making to your portfolio in light of recent market performance. I was interested to see that more than half of respondents said “none” with nearly a third more loading up at discounted prices.

It seems like Lazy Man must be amongst that one-third of bargain hunters in Jeremy’s poll, as he spent the week talking about why it’s the right time to buy U.S. stocks.

Likewise, Sun talked about finding winners amidst the recent market turmoil.

4M talked about things he’ll never spend money on. Apparently he’s anti-GPS (among other things), but not against mileage boosting fuel additives.

David at My Two Dollars pointed out that you can get 20% off at Sea World just by flashing a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards card (or a printout of your temporary card). I’ll definitely have to remember this for when we head down to Orlando this winter.

Plonkee talked about the most important things to insure.

NCN is experimenting with video blogging and has put together a tutorial on envelope budgeting.

Finally, JD loves the County Fair. And guess what? He’s not the only one that thinking about going to the fair. Oh, and CleverDude headed to the fair with his wife for some monster trucks and batter-fried Twinkies.

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