Weekly Roundup – Adding Injury to Insult Edition

Last week I wrote about how our local Urgent Care sent us to collections for a medical bill that wasn’t actually overdue. And then Friday night I slipped while helping set up some stuff for a school function and sliced my knee open on a metal grate. Thus, I ended up having to go back to the very same Urgent Care facility for stitches. The good news is that I walked in just before they closed and the waiting room was totally empty. Amazingly enough, I was in an out in about 20 minutes! And I really haven’t experienced too much discomfort.

What follows is a list of articles that caught my eye over the past week…

NCN talked about how he lives without credit cards.

JD talked about learning to love a less-than-large house.

FMF talked about how not to get a job.

Jim talked about dealing with bank errors.

Flexo pointed out an interesting article about big spenders who are becoming small spenders.

JLP talked about protecting your assets in court.

MBH put together a nice compilation of financial forums and discussion boards.

Jeremy talked about how to judge investment performance.

SVB talked about why we work so hard.

Sun talked about lifecycle ETFs.

Lazy Man lost his job and is trying to be frugal while drinking away his sorrows.

4M is glad that oil prices are on the rise.

Ben has some advice for eBay sellers who want to save money on shipping supplies.

Clever Dude talked about valuing clothing donations. Last year I just used It’s Deductible.

Finally, The Consumerist talked about where to keep your emergency fund.

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