Weekly Roundup – 12/22/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye this past week…

JLP talks about outrageous financial fees.

Jim wants to know where you stash your cash once you have an emergency fund in place and have maxed out your retirement contributions.

Flexo wonders about whether it’s better dump his Roth IRA contributions in all at once as opposed to spreading them out over the year.

FMF thinks getting a pet is stupid.

MBH talks about teaching kids personal finance with Monopoly. If you’re interested in doing this, check out my list of the various versions of Monopoly.

Over at Raising4Boys we talked about five different gifts that teach kids about money.

MyRetirementBlog has some retirement savings tips from the IRS.

That’s it from here. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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