Weekly Roundup – 11/10/06

Here’s a quick rundown of some finance-related posts that caught my eye over the past week:

Jim presents 1.1 million reasons to participate in a 401(k).

Flexo reminds us that it’s open enrollment season with a post about his 2007 benefits choices.

FMF has some tips for saving money on heating this year.

MBH has been going to school to become an auctioneer. The story starts here.

JLP takes a look at load vs. no-load mutual funds.

Over at raising4boys.com, I talked about the danger of letting your kids get their hands on your checkbook.

Jeffrey has some tips to oursmart your Black Friday competition.

Finally, I wanted to point out a couple of brand-spanking-new personal finance blogs that have been kind enough to link to me:

Living Almost Large
My Two Dollars

That’s it for this week. Please be sure to swing by the MBN Forums for a lot of great discussion on blogging as well as general personal finance.

2 Responses to “Weekly Roundup – 11/10/06”

  1. Anonymous

    I saw your trackback on Jeffery’s article about Black Friday ads.

    Since you mentioned “open enrollment” have you talked with your readers about the benefits of a HDHP and HSA accounts and the potential power of letting your savings grow tax-free in a higher interest checking account or mutual fund?

    Just a thought, might be a good article. I work for First Horizon Msaver (http://www.firsthorizonmsaver.com) and we specialize in HSAs. Email me if you are interested in more info — could be good for your blog!

    Thanks, Later!


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the quick mention. While I hoped to get the site off the ground quickly, we had a death in our immediate family and needed to travel, so hopefully next week my new site will be up and running.

    Thanks FCN!

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