Weekly Roundup – 10/27/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the posts that caught my eye over the past week…

JLP talks about how to buy an exchange traded fund (ETF).

FMF talks about whether parents or kids should pay for college. It’s an interesting question, and there were a lot of interesting responses.

Jim wonders about how to calculate net worth for couples. In our case, my wife and I have done everything jointly since the very beginning, and it’s worked out quite well. Jim also broke the 500k mark in terms of visitors to his site, and guess what? I was within two seconds of being the half-millionth visitor, but I ended up as #500, 001.

Flexo pointed out an article that argues that having multiple interests improves your brain function.

MBH is looking for opinions on car DVD players. In our case, we have a 9 inch TV/DVD combo (CRT, not LCD) that we harness between the seats in our minivan for long trips. Sometimes we even plug in GameCube, and we might just do the same thing with a Nintendo Wii if/when we buy one.

Nick is bummed out by his short-lived compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and I feel his pain. I switched over our entire house to compact fluorescent lightbulbs this past summer, and we’ve already had one burn out. Grrrr…

The Bogleheads’ Book Review Project is still rolling along:

Chapter 17: Track Your Progress and Rebalance When Necessary

Chapter 18: Tune out the “Noise”

Chapter 19: Mastering Your Investments Means Mastering Your Emotions

Chapter 20: Making Your Money Last Longer Than You Do

Chapter 21: Protect Your Assets by Being Well-Insured

That’s it for this week. By the way, if you’re looking for interesting money-related conversations, please be sure to swing by the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have been using all CFL bulbs for a while; I went to a homes show this winter and bought around 70 of them for 50 cents each. Granted, most of those went to my uncle for his apartments, but we are still doing all right in our house between the ones we bought and the ones we already had. One of the ones that we already had began humming and buzzing really loud, so I took that out of the light. I figure I’ll hold on to it (it does still work) until I find somewhere where I’ll need a light but will not be sitting still near the light for any length of time.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the link! One thing I really like about the CFL bulbs is that their low wattage requirements means it’s much cheaper to leave our outside lights on all night long… or we could install that 12-foot Vegas-style marquee on the roof now!

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