Weekly Roundup – 10/05/06

Here’s a quick look at some articles from across the MoneyBlogNetwork that caught my eye over the past week.

Jim runs through a list of concerns associated with hybrid cars.

FMF wants to know if you’d spend six years in prison in return for $15 million. I sure as heck wouldn’t, as I’d miss a huge chunk of my kids growing up. But $15 million is a lot of money.

MBH wouldn’t lend $70k via Prosper, and neither would I.

Flexo thinks that drinking is a great way to get ahead in the workplace.

Finally, JLP has been working hard on his Bogleheads Project. Here are the installments thus far:

Chapter 1 — AllFinancialMatters
Chapter 2 — FiveCentNickel
Chapter 3 — Young and Broke
Chapter 4 — Penny Foolish
Chapter 5 — MightyBargainHunter

Please also be sure to swing by the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums. There are lots of great discussions going on over there.

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