Weekly Roundup – $100 Oil Edition

In case you missed it, the price of oil broke $100/barrel this week. On top of that, my wife told me that she spent over $50 filling the tank on our Honda Odyssey for the first time ever this weekend. Instead of letting the high prices get you down, however, Jeremy at GenXFinance thinks you should use the high prices as an opportunity to make money.

For more articles that caught my eye this week, please read on…

NCN reminded us that it costs less than eleven dollars per day to max your Roth IRA.

Jim said it’s okay to ignore your financial problems.

MBH talked about the four new Presidential $1 coins that are due out this year.

Flexo talked about factors that determine the value of a coin.

JD provided a brief overview of the AMT which built upon my own discussion of the AMT.

JLP talked about overcoming negative returns when investing.

FMF listed his resolutions.

PT Money suggested saving for an paying your own property taxes instead of paying into an escrow account.

Lazy Man shared his goals for 2008. Did you know that he runs another site called Lazy Man and Health? You should swing by and check it out.

Ben talked about whether eBay sellers need to declare their income. Paying taxes on your eBay income is a topic that I’ve touched on in the past.

SVB talked about why investors don’t make money in the stock market.

Sun talked about the the poor stock market performance so far this year. Buy! Buy! Buy! Or maybe you should sell, sell, sell… Hmmmm…

David listed the top three financial documents that everyone should have.

Daily Money Hack put together a rundown of interest rates at online banks.

Finally, Credit Addict talked about dealing with debt hangover.

3 Responses to “Weekly Roundup – $100 Oil Edition”

  1. Anonymous

    Tell me about it. We just spent close to $50 filling up our MINI cooper.

    I suppose with our efforts to decrease total mileage we’ll break even (or maybe even save some $). Last year we drove 2,600 miles less than in 2006. Good for the environment and the pocketbook!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently only one contract was traded over $100. Probably some guy who wanted to be the first to buy oil over $100 🙂 Nevertheless, it is probably not going to be the last time.

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