Weekly Roundup – 09/22/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the personal finance articles that caught my eye over the past week.

MBH has a really nice post that walks you through comparison shopping on eBay.

Jim is comparing his health insurance options… He’s debating an HMO and a PPO, which is what we just went through when deciding on our health benefits.

Flexo talked about the fact that college savings plans are going to stay tax-free (for the time being).

FMF wants to know what you’d do with a million dollars. And… He’s got another Sears customer service horror story.

JLP is dreaming of being 20 again… If only he knew then what he now knows about money!

Over at Raising4Boys we’re talking about where to buy a TMX Elmo, which is slated to be the hottest Christmas toy since Cabbage Patch Kids hit the big time.

Nick posted a very entertaining look at why you should be investing in barrels.

Ever wondered what PMI is all about? Check out this introduction to private mortgage insurance.

And last but not least, if you’re a personal finance blogger that’s listed on PFBlogs.org, keep in mind that they just added the ability to ping the PFBlogs bot to get your stuff syndicated faster.

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