Weekly Roundup – 09/15/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the personal finance articles that caught my eye over the past week.

JLP put together compiled a monstrous list of ‘How-To’ posts that cover just about every angle of personal finance.

Jim is debating whether or not he should roll his 401(k) funds into an IRA, and then convert to a Roth. I’m actually debating something similar with regard to the 403(b) from my previous employer, but I’m not sure we can handle the tax hit right now.

Flexo talks about (gasp!) spending money instead of saving it. He and his girlfriend caught a recent Mets game with all the trimmings. Sounds like fun.

FMF talks about teaching kids about money.

MBH thinks you should start banking the money that you’re “saving” as gas prices begin to slide.

Over at Raising4Boys, I wrote about the money-saving skills of our six year old. He’s pretty amazing!

Nick has an interesting slant on the age old question of whether or not you should find out (and/or divulge) the sex of your baby. Speaking from personal experiences (lots of personal experience!) we liked finding out. It really turns one surprise into two… First you get the surprise of seeing your baby in utero and finding out what sex he/she is. Second, you still get the surprise of laying your eyes on your little one and meeting them for the first time at birth. So go ahead… Double your pleasure!

And as always, please be sure to check out the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums — there are a bunch of great discussions going on over there.

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