Weekly Roundup – 08/04/06

Here’s a quick rundown of things from the MoneyBlogNetwork (and beyond) that caught my eye this past week…

Jim talked about increasing the minimum wage, as well as the estate tax exemption.

JLP doesn’t like the new Pension Protection Act, which would allow 401(k) providers to help participants choose their investments. That figures… A financial planner doesn’t want others advising people on how to invest their money… 😉 To be honest, though, I can see his point.

FMF has advice on how to get a medical billing error corrected.

Flexo points out an interesting article on cooling your house. He also has a self-selected rundown of his best work from the first half of the year.

MBH’s cars are getting old, and he’s starting to think about replacing them.

Cap talks about using Yodlee to track your accounts. This was also a recent topic on the MBN Personal Finance forum.

Dawn says that the AutoCool doesn’t work (though she hasn’t tried it herself). I’ve actually wondered about this, and assumed that it was a scam. Looks like I was right.

Nick at Punny Money, who finally made his way into my RSS reader (no idea why he wasn’t there before), is buying a house. Having done this recently myself, I’m interested in seeing how his experience compares. Oh, and if you have short attention span, don’t worry… He’s taken to breaking the process into pieces, and then breaking those pieces into pieces (as in “Buying a House, Step #77, Part #32, Subsection B”).

Finally, please be sure to drop by the MBN Forums. We recently launched a personal finance section (mentioned above), and there are already some interesting discussions going on.

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