Weekly Roundup – 07/07/06

Here are some of my favorite posts from across the MoneyBlogNetwork (and beyond) from this past week…

Flexo loves his electronic toothbrush.

Jim has some lawn care tips — but they’re really only frugal if you use cheap beer when getting your lawn drunk.

FMF wants to know which famous people you’ve met. Hmmm… I once bowled next to (and also urinated alongside) a bunch of Minnesota Vikings. Does that count?

MBH really doesn’t like camping very much — but it is a cheap way to get out of town.

JLP has a rundown of ten easy ways to save $500.

Claire is tired of people thinking that their locale is more expensive than hers.

Nick is sick of crappy customer service.

PFAdvice is getting paid to check his mailbox.

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  1. Anonymous

    Heh, I always love getting linked to in your weekly roundups–not just for the link but also for your accompanying commentary. 🙂

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