Weekly Roundup – 06/30/06 (A Few Days Late)

Back to the grind… Our vacation is over (more on that later) and I’m more than a few days late with last week’s roundup, so… Without further ado, here’s a quick look at things that caught my eye from across the MoneyBlogNetwork over the week that was…

AllFinancialMatters thinks you should start saving for retirement at age sixteen. Ah, the power of compounding.

pfBlueprint wants to know what old, out of circulation bills you’d like to get your grubby hands on. Note that the $2 bill doesn’t technically count, as it’s still in active circulation. Also note that the $2 bill is the only bill that has a picture of people on the back… That latter point is just a bit of trivia that I picked up from my son yesterday — he was reading Money Sense for Kids in the Bank of America lobby while we were waiting for a personal banker.

ConsumerismCommentary talked about selling a car when you’re upside down.

FreeMoneyFinance talked about the costs of wedding going up — for guests!

MightyBargainHunter mused about keeping your Prosper.com money working for you as it comes back in.

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