Weekly Roundup – 06/29/07

Well, after two long days, we made it back into town safely. We covered 2900+ miles in 12 days, with the bulk of the driving packed into the first and last two days. We’re beat, but we had a great time and are glad to be back home. With that said, I want to thank everyone that contributed a guest post in my absence. I also wanted to get things back on track by pointing out some of the articles that caught my eye as I worked my way through the backlog in my RSS reader. Here we go…

Flexo talks about just what should and should not be included in net worth calculations. Should clothes count? In my opinion, no. But I’ve already gone on record about the fact that I’m most interested in investable assets.

FMF has some tips on how to save money on vacation. Too bad he didn’t publish this before we left last week…

Jim talks about how credit cards get you in, keep you in, and keep you spending. He also introduced his home insurance site.

JLP answers the age-old question of what’s better, a share buyback or a dividend?

MBH has gone off the deep end when it comes to saving gas.

SVB talks about the effect of credit scores on loan rates. This dovetails nicely with my article about why you should care about your FICO score.

Jeremy talks about credit card billing practices.

Lazy Man has some interesting financial advice for his high school self.

4M wonders if you should invest like a woman.

Ben has some advice for reducing your vacation costs by planning ahead. This is another article that should’ve been published about a week earlier.

Finally, Sun is ticked off that Zecco took back their trial deposits. I’ve actually seen this happen before, though I can’t remember who did it, and I had a similar response… Sure, it’s their money, but it just seems kinda cheap.

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