Weekly Roundup – 06/16/06

Before I launch into my weekly roundup, I just wanted to remind you that I’m still on the lookout for guest bloggers… If you have any interest in getting your name, thoughts, and/or link out there in front of a new audience, please drop me a line (see here for details). Okay, enough on that… Here’s a quick look at some of the more interesting articles that I ran across this week…

AllFinancialMatters highlights the best mutual funds for kids.

pfBlueprint suggests that you check on a home’s insurability before you buy it.

ConsumerismCommentary let’s us know that Democrats now have their own mutual fund.

FreeMoneyFinance asks: are extended warranties worth the cost?

MightyBargainHunter warns us to watch our for fake second chance offers on eBay.

Over at Raising4Boys, I touted the virtues of matching deposits as a method for teaching your kids to save.

PF Advice is back in the USA, but he’s not acting like an American… He’s decided to go carless (at least for the time being).

Please also be sure to drop by the MoneyBlogNetwork Forums — there are a lot of great discussions on all things blog-related going over there.

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