Weekly Roundup – 06/08/07

Well, this is my last weekly roundup as a 35 year old — I’ll be turning 36 over the weekend. Oh well, at least I’m still in my mid-30s… As for a birthday celebration, we’re headed out of town and will be spending the weekend at a nice hotel for a bit of family fun time. With that said, lets take a quick look at some of the posts that caught my eye over the past week…

Jim provided a list of four reasons you should get a payday loan. Don’t worry… It’s a Devil’s Advocate post.

Flexo talked about the top and bottom 25 jobs.

MBH had some tips for buying someone out at a garage sale.

FMF talked about the best online brokers.

JLP lamented the permanent sales that JC Penney seems to hold. I actually think that Kohl’s is even worse about this. And mall jewelry stores? Forget about it…

Henry talked about saving for college using a 529 (even though he doesn’t have kids yet).

Ben asked if real estate agents are worth the money.

Lazy Man talked about cultivating alternative streams of income.

Jeremy talked about being sure you understand the fine print of your loan documents.

SVB talked about improving property value by planting trees.

4M wants to know what you have against credit cards. Me? Nothing. What with all the signup bonuses, credit card rewards, and 0% balance transfer offers, you can make a mint.

Sun talks about his saving and investing system.

Finally, Jonathan had a kidney stone and got to partake in his first ever trip to the emergency room. I can relate (and sympathize) because I went through the exact same thing a few years ago.

13 Responses to “Weekly Roundup – 06/08/07”

  1. Anonymous

    Happy birthday to both Nickel and Dreamy1 – it seems that I’m exactly 12 years younger than Dreamy.

    What is it about mid-June for birthdays? There seems to be a whole bunch of people I know born around this time. (Although I was apparently supposed to be due in early July.)

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Bday – hopefully I am not too late. Have a nice time and take some rest. 🙂 Don’t let midlife crisis bother you – for now 😉

  3. Nickel

    Actually, no. 36 is still squarely within the mid-30s. Next year? You might have an argument. But I’m still claiming the first half of 37 (at least) as part of the mid-30s…

  4. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, I just turned 36 on June 5, hope you have a great weekend, my birthday gift, 2 movie tickets from my wife and saving our money for our trip to Euro land next week.!!


  5. Anonymous

    Interesting comment on sales: In Indiana, it is illegal to have an item be on sale for more than two weeks. So the store gets around this by having the identical item have 5 different model/part numbers, and they rotate through those part numbers being on sale.

    Just an interesting factoid.

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