Weekly Roundup – 05/18/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week:

JLP has an interesting post on how much it costs to drive a mile.

Jim talks about the best way to spend money overseas.

Flexo has information on comparing a lump sum payout with an annuity.

FMF has a fascinating post on what different aspects of our stuff used to cost.

MBH has some info on eBay pricing.

Jeremy has some tips for buying propane. While this sounds like a pretty dry subject, I actually found it to be kind of interesting.

4M wonders about the value of net worth if you include things that aren’t liquid (or nearly so).

MoneySmartLife shares the simple secret to investing.

Sun is stocking up on tobacco and precious metals.

Lazy Man is having some problems with his tenants. Why not click through and give him some advice?

SVB talks about the perfect hobby.

Henry has some loan consolidation advice. Bottom line: get your act together.

NCN reports that ING’s Electric Orange debit card will have a 1% cash back promo this summer.

MyRetirementBlog asks whether you should save for a house or retirement.

Finally, MyTwoDollars asks if bundling your telecom purchases actually saves money. The deals that I’ve seen in the past have always looked almost good enough to jump at, but: (1) we can’t get cable at our house, and (2) we use our cell phones for long distance.

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  1. Nickel

    We just live a ways out in the country. The odd thing is that we can’t get cable, but we can get DSL, which is usually far more restrictive. Instead of cable, we have Dish.

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