Weekly Roundup – 05/11/07

Here’s a quick look at the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

Jim hates credit card cashback teasers. Funny, because I just posted about one such reward credit card offer.

JLP has some thoughts on what to do when you’re too scared to invest. His advice? Just do it.

Flexo says ING closed a customer’s account due to bad credit.

FMF has 18 ways to save on a small income. This post is based on ideas provided in a reader comment. Good stuff.

MBH has a list of ways to kill your retirement dreams.

Lazy Man put together an entire week on compound interest. He also has a list of five ways to make a million dollars.

Binary Dollar says learn your geometry — it might just save you some money at the pizza parlor!

Money Smart Life has credit card reform on his mind.

Digerati Life has a list of five obsessions of a personal finance blogger.

GenXFinance has a really nice list on five ways to become a millionaire. (Between Lazy Man and GenX you should be good to go!)

Sun pulled the trigger and opened an FNBO Direct account. Click through for all the gory details.

Art of Making Money says that bulk does not always equal frugal.

My Retirement Blog has a list of reasons to start saving for retirement right now. Pretty standard stuff, but still worth the read.

The Good Human is looking forward to $5/gallon gas. I have to say, I can certainly imagine worse things in the world.

JD has some tips for earning money in your spare time.

Nick has an entertaining contrarian view of the cost of do-it-yourself projects.

Finally, Trent shared some thoughts on what he learned living through a major flood. I also grew up not far from the Mississippi River and recall seeing the devastation caused by floods of this sort. Not good, and Trent’s post is a great reminder of the importance of being prepared.

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