Weekly Roundup – 05/04/07

Here’s a quick look at the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

FMF has a list of six steps to avoid foreclosure. I have just one: pay your mortgage on time and in full.

Flexo has a list of things that your body shop won’t tell you.

Jim talks about adjustable rate mortgages.

On the flipside, MBH talks about fixed rate mortgages.

JLP is looking for advice for graduates.

Lazy Man lists the top ten ways personal finance blogging has helped him.

Binary Dollar has an alternative to bi-weekly mortgage payments.

MoneySmartLife talks about a summer fun spending guide.

SVB has some interesting money facts.

Sun talks about America’s hottest jobs.

Jeremy at GenX Finance finished his series of 24 signs you could be in financial trouble.

Golbguru talks is keeping track of his junk mail.

My Two Dollars talks about joint finances. We’ve also combined everything from the very start.

Finally, JD talks about tips and tricks to keep track of your money.

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