Weekly Roundup – 04/06/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

Flexo posted a nice increase in income this month.

FMF talked about how to eliminate your housing costs.

MBH is cleaning house for fun and profit.

JLP has some fun facts on the S&P 500.

My Retirement Blog provided a rundown of income limits for traditional IRA deductibility.

Clever Dude talks about the how having a mileage computer in your car affects your driving.

Finally, I’ve written in the past about the wonders of compact fluorescent lightbulbs, but haven’t paid much attention to disposing them when they finally burn out. Well, back in mid-March, The Good Human tackled just this issue in an article about how and where to recycle CF bulbs.

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  1. Anonymous

    love the links!
    i’m trying to figure out how to sign up for keep the change promo. can’t believe it’s been out since ’05. geez, i’m a late bloomer

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