Weekly Roundup – 03/31/06

It’s weekly roundup time! Here are a bunch of articles from across the MoneyBlogNetwork and beyond that caught my eye this week…

AllThingsFinancial has morphed into AllFinancialMatters due to a recent spate of legal difficulties. Despite this distraction, JLP has kept up his great work, and has even managed to squeeze in another interview with a personal finance columnist — this time it’s Steve Rosen of the KC Star.

Being the cheap bastard frugal guy that he is, Jim of pfBlueprint has launched a new series on lowcost ideas for your weekend. He also continued his in depth look into SEP-IRAs.

Flexo of ConsumerismCommentary recently migrated his site to WordPress and has been dealing with some search engine troubles due to a minor change in his permalink structure. This is something that I’ve worried about in the past, as I’ve toyed around with the idea of changing my permalink structure (and doing a redirect, of course).

FreeMoneyFinance suggests that you might be able to increase your home’s value by planting trees. I’m a huge fan of trees — regardless of what they do for the value of your home, great trees definitely increase its liveability.

MightyBargainHunter doesn’t mind dropping a dime (or two or 50) at a garage sale. Too bad he wasn’t around for our moving sale — we did well (results), but we could’ve done even better with a few more customers like him.

PFBlogs.org is in the midst of a fund-raising drive. Also note that Flexo has recently come out of the closet as the PFBlogs.org webmaster.

FearlessMoney grossed $1300 on Amazon book sales in just one month!

The Young Professionals Finance Blog has an interesting post on finding a mortgage — a topic that’s near and dear to my heart now that we’re moving.

Finally, a couple reminders… The MoneyBlogNetwork is giving away a copy of Dave Barry’s Money Secrets (review). Also, don’t forget that we recently launched forums for personal finance bloggers. Please stop by and check them out.

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