Weekly Roundup – 02/23/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week…

Jim points out that Citi writes checks for 0% balance transfers.

FMF advises you to save money by buying the right garage door. Failing that, my best advice is to insulate your garage door.

Flexo has some tips for buying musical instruments.

MightyBargainHunter talks about how his wife made her own butterfly wings for their daughter.

JLP asks which is better, cash back or 0% financing?

NCN has thrown in the towel on his “How Much Do I Use in a Year Project.” I hate to say it, but… Told ya so! It’s too bad, as it would’ve been interesting to see how things developed.

Nick has some advice for getting your money’s worth at a buffet. Hint: Start at the carving stand and work backwards.

Finally, over at Raising4Boys I wrote about the fact that the Department of Homeland Security will be loosening passport restrictions when it comes to kids.

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