Weekly Roundup – 02/03/06

Here are some of the most interesting personal finance articles that I ran across over the past week or so…

JLP of AllThingsFinancial kicked off a great new series called “24 Days to Better Finances” with Setting Priorities, Making a Budget, and Basics of Banking and Saving.

FMF of FreeMoneyFinance always comes through with great advice. Last week he told us not to hand a digital camera to a seven year old, and this week he advises us not to hire a loser for a financial advisor.

Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity discusses the high octane gas myth.

Flexo of ConsumerismCommentary points out that PayPal is bucking the trend and lowering their money market fund rate.

mbhunter of MightyBargainHunter talks about what it means to be a bad customer.

Finally, Jonathan of MyMoneyBlog provides a list of 25 excuses for not saving for retirement.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m finding AllThingsFinancial’s new series great advice. Excellent idea this weekly round-up it certainly sums up well what’s happening on the financial blogs.

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