Weekly Roundup – 01/27/06

Today marks the end of a busy first week at the MoneyBlogNetwork… What follows are some links to articles that I found to be particularly interesting around the network and elsewhere…

JLP at AllThingsFinancial wrote about why college is so expensive. As the father of four boys, I’m always interested in this topic — although it’s a bit like a car accident… I just can’t seem to look away no matter how bad it is.

FMF at FreeMoneyFinance wrote about saving money by not handing your digital camera over to a seven year old.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity wrote about CDs not being worth the trouble in the current environment. If you happen to disagree with Jim, be sure to check out my post on how to build a CD ladder. Also check out my older entry on tracking CDs in Quicken.

Flexo at ConsumerismCommentary wrote about income disparities on a state-by-state basis.

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog unveiled a cool little JavaScript calculator for determining whether or not it’s worth chasing the most recent rate increase at various high-yield internet banks.

Jeffrey at PF Advice wrote about the negative effect of kids on your bottom line. Once again, as the father of four boys, this one definitely caught my eye.

Finally, keep in mind that we’re on the lookout for personal finance blogs to include in our MoneyBlogNetwork ‘Blog of the Week’ feature. If you’d like for your site to be considered, drop by AllThingsFinancial and fire off an e-mail to JLP.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the linkage. I’m seriously considering telling my kids I’m not paying for their college, and then seeing what they do. Then on graduation day, I’ll give them all the college money I saved up. Is that mean? =)

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