Weekly Roundup – 01/19/07

Here’s a quick look at some of the articles that caught my eye over the past week:

Flexo is thinking about dumping NetFlix. My wife and I actually go ’round and ’round about this same thing. I don’t think we’re using it to it’s full potential, and thus I want to dump it. Part of the problem is that we got a DVR, and now have no shortage of TV shows to watch. The other part of the problem is that (much to my chagrin) I’ve been in charge of managing our NetFlix queue. Since I don’t care as much about the service, I often forget to send the movies back, and we end up wasting money. The good news is that my wife recently agreed to take over this responsibility.

Jim provides an interesting look at historical tax brackets.

JLP talks about why gas follows oil prices up, but not down.

MBH talks about dollar cost averaging.

FMF likes Money Magazine way, way better than the alternatives (and I tend to agree).

Raising4Boys points out that Consumer Reports recently wound up with egg on their face following an erroneous report on car seat safety.

This isn’t exactly on topic, but JD has has great success working with a wellness coach.

MyRetirementBlog encourages you to figure out how much money you’ll need to retire, and then set a savings goal. How will you ever save enough if you don’t even know how much is enough?

Jonathan whipped up a calculator for figuring your portfolio’s rate of return. Pretty slick.

Samerwriter provides evidence that driving 55 mph saves gas when you’re on the highway.

We’re in Debt put together a list of their five favorite personal finance blogs. I’m honored to be among those listed. Thanks!

Finally, MyTwoDollars dissects an article on the types of insurance that you probably don’t need.

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