Weekly Roundup – 01/13/06

Happy Friday the 13th! Here are some of the best personal finance posts that I ran across over the past week.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity continued his series on buying a car from eBay with talk of hidden costs. He also talked about his long term plans, and encouraged others to do the same.

JLP at AllThingsFinancial wrote about the looming trouble that interest only mortgages will create as people begin looking for more afforable options when their ARMs begin to adjust upwards. He also pointed out an interesting article on encouraging the working poor to save. Finally, JLP let me know that he recently launched a new site called BloggerBookReviews.

Flexo of ConsumerismCommentary wrote about rules for asset allocation. He also wrote an interesting piece on the bag lady syndrome — fortunately, there’s no male equivalent (although we have our own set of worries).

FMF of FreeMoneyFinance continued his series on building your blog traffic with steps 9, 10 and 11. He also wrote up some guidelines on how to complain effectively and get results.

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