Weekend Roundup – Four Day Weekend Edition

While Memorial Day weekend is traditionally three days long, I played hooky at the end of the week and am stretching it to four. Yesterday was actually the last day of school for the boys so, instead of going to work, I headed over their school for a combination of field day and end of the year parties. Fun was had by all and we’re now transitioning to summer mode.

With that said, here are some articles that caught my eye recently…

» What’s the WORST Financial Thing That Could Happen?
This is a great article on an incredibly important topic.

» How to Cut College Costs by 13%-25%
Jim shares some solid tips on keeping college costs down.

» Maimonides’ 8 Levels of Charity
This is an interesting post on the various levels of charitable giving. We’ve made it up to #2.

» The Power of Reinvested Dividends – It’s Amazing!
This is a nice illustration of the power of plugging your dividends back into the market.

» Saving on Gas Myths
Gas prices keep heading up, so be sure to check out this collections of ways you can (and can’t) save money on gas.

» Identity Theft Tips
This is a nice rundown of how thieves get their hands on your info, and how to stop them.

» When We Received a Collections Letter
Lessons learned after receiving a collections letter. Something similar happened to us last fall.

» What is a Self-Directed IRA?
This is a nice description of how to invest in “non-traditional” assets in an IRA.

» 10 Websites Where You Can Manage Your Money Online for Free
Just what the title says. Ten different options for managing your money online.

» Frugal Living for Beginners
If you’ve ever thought about living a more frugal life, but didn’t know where to start, this one is for you.

» Save Money on Gas, Water, and Electricity
Speaking of frugality, this is a great list of links to resources for saving tons of money on your utilities.

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