Weekend Roundup – Countdown to Vacation Edition

Just five days ’til we head out of town

Not much else to say. Here are some recent articles that caught my eye…

» How to Become a Millionaire (In 6 Easy Steps!)
Hmmm… Let’s see… Step #1 isn’t available to me, and I earn too much for Step #2. I wonder if I could make it in jut four steps?

» What It Takes to Become A Millionaire
Sun adds some perspective to the idea of becoming a millionaire by working out exactly how long it will take based on how much you’re saving and how quickly your investments are growing.

» How the Game of Life Teaches Personal Finance
I’ve actually written a draft of an article on this exact topic. Except mine is way, way, way better… 😉 I guess I’ll have to dust it off at some point and publish it.

» What to do About Stolen Mail?
JD’s mail got stolen in the midst of tax season, meaning that he may have lost some tax documents containing his social security number. So what’s a guy to do? Click through and find out.

» A Couple of Quick Trip Odometer Hacks
I regularly use my two trip odometers to keep track of mileage on per tank of gas plus mileage on whatever trip we’re on, but the idea of using one of them to keep track of mileage between tire rotations or oil changes had never even dawned on me.

» Redefining Risk: Your Investments Aren’t as Risky as You Think
This is a great read that provides an interesting perspective on risk. As Jeremy says, investing in the stock market isn’t as risky as you think. In fact, not investing in the stock market can be an even bigger risk.

» Spend Less Than 1 Hour Per Week on Your Finances: Handling credit-card receipts
Solid, time-saving tips for dealing with credit card receipts. This is a far more responsible approach than simply throwing up your hands and shredding your receipts after letting them pile up on the counter for a few weeks. Sadly, the pile and shred approach is the way I usually handle things.

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