Upromise Check Request Followup

Upromise Check Request Followup

This is just a quick followup to my post from a couple of months ago in which described the process of requesting a check from Upromise. In it, I noted that they send checks quarterly, on March 16th, June 15th, September 14th, and December 14th.

Over this past weekend, an envelope from Upromise showed up in our mailbox. Inside was my check for a cool $110 in earnings from… Well, basically having done nothing. I signed up for Upromise years ago, linked our various credit cards and grocery/drugstore affinity cards and then just went on with life.

While $110 isn’t a life-changing sum, it cost me nothing (other than a few minutes) to earn it. Yes, it takes quite awhile to build up a reasonable balance but, again, free is free.

If you currently have an account with a balance of at least $10, you can request a check by logging in, clicking on “My Account“, and then clicking on “Request a Check” under “My Earnings Usage” on the left. Given their mailing schedule, it should arrive just before Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous

    I like UPromise a lot. Just shop for items needed and watch those small amounts of cash build up.

    I have both a Sallie Mae high yield and money market account, but what a pain it is to create a transfer. They don’t make it easy. I understand why it is they do this quarterly, since it can take a while to accrue $10 and up. In my case, I don’t do much shopping, period, as I prefer to save. But, of course, this is counter-intuitive for UPromise, since one has to spend in order to save.

    I request a check and deposit it into an account that is linked to my SM accounts. Then I initiate an electronic transfer. It works fine.

    Christmas is coming up, and with a savings goal set up in my SmartyPig account, I will transfer the amount to my SmartyPig debit card, of which I will then use either at the above or at UPromise to reap in more cash rewards.

    I don’t know about all of you readers here at Nickel’s site, but I try to limit the cash reward sites that I shop at, since then that spreads the small amounts of rewards all over the place. It takes too long to accrue enough to do something with it.

    Just some thoughts

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