Upromise $10 Signup Bonus

This is just a quick note to let you know that Upromise is currently offering a $10 bonus for creating and activating your new account (it’s free!). In case you’re not familiar with Upromise, it’s a college savings program that allows you to earn cash rewards on your everyday purchases.

While you’re not going to put your kids through college on Upromise alone, you can earn a good bit of money on the side for doing almost nothing. In fact, we’ve actually earned a couple hundred dollars simply by registering our grocery and drug store affinity cards as well as our main credit cards with UPromise. You can earn even more by making online purchases through their “mall” or by applying for the UPromise credit card, though I must admit that I’ve never bothered with either of these things.

So what can you do with your earnings? While Upromise encourages you to move your funds directly into a 529 account, you can also withdraw your funds simply by writing to them to request a check.

Once you’ve signed up, just be sure to activate your account.

Click here to get started.

6 Responses to “Upromise $10 Signup Bonus”

  1. Anonymous

    Your post is missing key information. You have to sign-up and make an online purchase before 04/30 to receive the $10 bonus. You don’t just get the $10 for establishing a new account.

  2. Anonymous

    I do some of these things.
    I have registered my CC and Store cards as well as use the online rebates.
    I use http://www.evreward.com to find the highest rebate. I use Upromise, BondRewards, ebates and fatwallet.
    I can normally get $20-30 back per quarter just by checking first.
    Has anyone checked on the deductibilty of the upromise contribution, they will directly contribute to a bunch of states.

  3. Nickel

    You can make money in a variety of ways using Upromise. One is to use their credit card and get a percentage back into your account. Another is to make online purchases by clicking through to various stores from the Upromise “mall.” This allows them to track your purchase, and you get a % bonus (varies by store).

    And yet another way is to register your regular credit cards with them, and then you automatically get a bonus when you dine at certain restaurants. Also, by registering your grocery and drug store affiliate cards (the little keychain things with a barcode) you get bonuses whenever you buy certain brands.

    For us, this has been a set-and-forget sort of thing. We simply registered our various cards and then go about life as usual. The money accrues in our account and then we can either transfer it to a 529 or request a check (we always do the latter).

  4. Anonymous

    how does uprotmise work exactly? you use the Upromise mastercard, and click a click thru link on upromise that takes you to a merchant’s home page and then when you purchase stuff thru that link with the mastercard, you get a cash back credit to your account that goes into a 529 account?

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