United Airlines to Charge $25 for a Second Bag

In case you haven’t heard… As of May 5th, United Airlines will start charging domestic passengers with non-refundable economy tickets $25 to check a second piece of luggage unless they have “Premier” status or better in United’s Mileage plus program or “Silver” status or better in their Star Alliance program. The change is expected to generate $100 million in annual savings and new revenue. Not surprisingly, other airlines are expected to follow suit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Several times I had to check in Europe and the system was fair. Count doesn’t matter weight does, handheld luggage is a handheld, no strollers, heavy bags, etc. On the checking you see how much is your weight and pay the excess of it right there and then.. I thing it was around 70 pounds, you can have it in 5 small suitcases or one big, same thing.

    What I suspect is that the Air Travel industry, try making money from air cargo handling by persuading passengers to carry less with a brute force. I would suggest if you have to fly and have extra space in your luggage, put the heaviest paperweight that you have on your desk or around home in. That shall give them a lesson. In air freight size don’t matter as much, as weight.

    Some days I really wish we had the French high speed railway. It would make difference in the Air carriers attitude. And give us an option. Plus you cannot highjack and drive it in any building can you?.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree that charging by the pound makes a lot more sense. I don’t really see the difference between 2 25 lb bags and 1 50 pound bag (which is the usual limit).

    Its also an awkward transaction. A lot of time people check in bags at the gate when the they can’t fit their bag in an overhead compartment or for a stroller etc… Are they going to get billed?

    I also wonder how the airline search engines will react, will they start including baggage charge information with the prices they return.

  3. Anonymous

    Why is it fixed amount? I travel overseas now and then and it is per pound/kilo over certain limit. Recently I read that some of the European airlines are getting off the extra payments for luggage. If it is weight then make it per pound. If the weight is the case even thou I doubt it is.

  4. Anonymous

    There’s a lot more to this than getting by with less luggage. There is an increasing trend for vacationers to want to have more and more of their personal items along when they are away. The airlines aren’t just for business travellers. I understand cost and fuel considerations but someone needs to be asking fliers what they want instead of telling them what they can’t have.


  5. Anonymous

    I have no problem with the charge, but that is primarily because I rarely check bags. But I have the same worries that Sam mentioned about storage in the cabin. It is already brutal trying to find a place for your belongings in overhead if you don’t board the plane early, so I think that if people try to skimp out on the $25 and carry on more, it will make the problems even worse.

  6. Anonymous

    I read about this on the consumerist and had the following thoughts.

    More people check bags these days because of the restriction on what you can bring on board the plane (liquids) and b/c the planes are so full they run out of overhead space. Somehow I think the airlines are making money off the TSA rules. On the other hand I like the idea of rewarding people who pack light but I think more and more people will just try to bring on more carry on luggage making the situation worse for all.

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