American Airlines Luggage Charges: No More Free Bags

Wow. I just saw this over on The Consumerist… As of June 15th, America Airlines will begin charging $15 for your first checked bag. Apparently United’s decision to charge $25 for your second checked bag (but give you the first one for free) just wasn’t enough, so American decided to go a bit further. They’re also going to increase fees for “oversized bags” and “reservation help.”

Lovely. I wonder how long it will be before others airlines follow suit? I also wonder how they’ll handle people who bought their tickets prior to this announcement. Will they try to get them to pony up for the extra fees?

Source: AP News

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  1. Anonymous

    I checked my lugguage and paid the $15 but they still lost my bag as well as 18 of my fellow passengers. When I finally got it back my leather duffel bag was ripped to shreds and both handles were completely ripped off. When I called To complain said that handles weren’t covered. I thought the fee would atleast cut down on lost baggage but no.

  2. Anonymous

    Not all Business Travelers are in Business or First Class. I am running into a situation where my FF points are useless because the airlines will not release the seats even when seats are available on the plane what a useless program.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m with Chad on this one. Allow ONE carry on piece (purse, computer, etc.) and charge for the second. Think about the fuel wasted while we wait for everyone to cram their over stuffed bags into the overhead bins. It would also get the plans moving more quickly.

  4. Nickel

    Emily: Be careful what you wish for. If any airline execs read your comment, they’ll probably implement some of your ideas. Of course, it would be counterproductive to charge for water if you’re also charging for the bathroom. The best approach would be to push free drinks and then jack up the bathroom price. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Ugh. Soon there will be a fee to sit on the aisle, and to get a cup of water, and to use the toilet. I am going on a two-week Europe trip this summer and am bringing a carry-on just so I don’t have to worry about all these new baggage fees. If gas prices keep skyrocketing, flying is going to become a luxury only the rich can afford.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m glad the charge is only for the folks using the service (ie those who need to check a bag), rather than a charge added to every ticket (’cause you know they’re going to get their money either way). As a very frequent domestic and international flyer I can’t remember the last time I ever needed to check a bag. Heck, last year I flew to Vegas for the weekend with everything I needed in my medium sized purse! And two weeks in South America (which included 6 different flights) without a single checked bag. No check in lines, no waiting at baggage claim, no lost bags. What are you putting in there anyway if you’re living a relatively simple life and denouncing consumerism?

  7. Anonymous

    I’m with FlatGreg (5 above). As a 110 lb woman I feel I should be allowed 75 lbs of luggage to get my share of weight on that plane. I should get some benefit for not being extremely overweight, maybe not having to pay for my luggage?
    And that 350 lb guy overflowing the seat next to me? He should certainly have to pay a premium!

  8. Anonymous

    I’m with Chad on this one. The absurdity of carry on luggage drives me insane. People are wheeling on suitcases that might technically just meet the size requirements, but you get just a few people trying to shove those overhead, and if you board the plane a bit late, you’re the one getting screwed because there is nowhere to put your stuff.

    I understand the reasons for not wanting to check luggage considering the track record of lost baggage, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to let people abuse it by carrying on more than they should. If you do, you’re inconveniencing others who travel light, so you should be paying for the convenience of carrying your luggage on.

  9. Anonymous

    I really hope they start charging for carry on luggage. I’m tired of someone lugging a giant purse/bag, soft bag and a small roller on, and then wondering why they can’t find space.

  10. Anonymous

    So… not only will people cram more in their carry-ons, but more people will only bring carry-ons filling up overhead bin space. My question is… will they charge us to check luggage if all the overhead bin space is full??

  11. Anonymous

    Will the airlines carry other cargo, or are they just flying empty loads that way? Now they will be having extra drag on their crafts for the total load in the plane. I guess they could cut off a wing and save weight, drag and fuel space(because they have less weight)!

  12. Anonymous

    Personally I think people should be charged based on the weight of themselves and their luggage. I know that’ll never fly, but lighter people with lighter luggage = less fuel cost.

    However to charge for checking luggage seems ridiculous, especially considering the restrictions on carry-on luggage (size and liquids).

  13. Anonymous

    This is terrible. Usually my only option is to fly AA/AE out of my regional airport. Since most of my flying is for business, it isn’t the cost that will be a problem, but it will be all of the idiots who don’t want to pay and try to cram more stuff in their carry-on luggage.

    There is hardly any space on the plane as it is, so this will just create even more problems, especially on some of the smaller planes.

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