Turbo Tax E-file Meltdown and an IRS Reprieve

Apparently a flood of last minute e-filing by Turbo Tax customers brought Intuit’s servers to a grinding halt last night, leaving customers to wonder if they face late fees and/or penalties for missing the filing deadline. According an IRS spokesman, however, filers who encountered dealys with Intuit’s ervers will not be penalized if their returns were submitted late.

[Source: NBC11.com]

5 Responses to “Turbo Tax E-file Meltdown and an IRS Reprieve”

  1. I would iamgine that it was *way* more than the Digg effect. Imagine people nationwide all repeatedly hitting the servers as they panic over not being able to submit their taxes. Not pretty.

  2. Anonymous

    Red Esquid :

    1) write a very brief letter (5 lines ) to Intuit requesting immediate refund of $34 for their ‘failure to perform’. Call your credit card company, request the $34 be reversed on the basis of Intuits ‘failure to perform’.

    2) Dont use Intuit products again.

  3. Anonymous

    Intuit really botched E-File.
    I spent two days trying to e-file, always getting a Server busy message from Intuit. This is AFTER they got my credit card number and $34. to file the fed and state tax returns. So I had to hand assemble the return and make the trip to the Post Office. Intuit lobbied – and probably bribed – the Gov to let them keep this big $$$ plum, and then screwed it up. They had this same problem last year, and it is WORSE this year. Time to call all our representatives and get E-File FREE from the IRS. It saves the IRS money, far more than it costs. Why is Intuit allowed to suck this much more from us after making big profits on the package?

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