Track Your Finances Free With Quicken Online

Late last week, I received an e-mail announcing that Quicken Online will be available for free effective today. Here’s the scoop:

Quicken is excited to announce that Quicken Online will become FREE starting Monday, October 13th. Until recently, Quicken Online was free to try, but cost $2.99 per month after a trial period. Beginning October 13th, there will be no charge to use the Quicken Online program.

If the online version isn’t your cup of tea, then check out the available discounts on Quicken 2009 — you can get up to 36% off the list price.

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  1. All: Here’s what I know so far…

    “Intuit is working diligently to fix this problem. The service is free and has been since the announcement with no intentions of going back to the pay-for-service model.”

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome, thank you for anything you can do.

    I have already singed up, so I am hoping that if you find that it SHOULD be free, I can reverse it!

    If you can give me a phone #, I will contact someone, although I cannot seem to find a contact to call anyone.

  3. Okay, I’ve heard from a number of people now that they’ve been locked out even though Quicken Online is now free. I’ve sent e-mail to two contacts on the inside, and am hoping that they will sort this out. Please keep in mind that I’m just the messenger. It’s up to Quicken to fix this. Hopefully they will do so soon.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, I have tried to sign in 5 different times, using the same sign in page I used earlier and each time, it directs me to a page that says the beta trial is over…that I need to sign up or delete.

    SO…because I did like it, I signed up.

    I certainly hope it is not a scam.

  5. Andrea & Lorraine: This is very strange, in that they very clearly state on the signup page that it’s now 100% free (I’ve also received multiple e-mails from Intuit about this).

  6. Anonymous

    Well, I signed up for the free Quicken Online service, used it and loved it.

    I just tried to sing in and now I have to pay for it, so the FREE beta time is over.

    It only lasted 4 days.

    NOT a good way to start doing business. There is no place on the site that says it was a beta test, so I am not crazy giving them all my info and using it under false pretenses, then having to pay.

  7. Anonymous

    When I tried to sign up, I got a message that the beta testing of Quicken Online has ended and that I need to subscribe at a cost of $2.99 per month if I want the service. Has anyone else tried to sign up since Oct. 13 with or without success?

  8. Caleb: Good question. I personally use the offline version of Quicken for nearly everything. The main reason for this is that I have 11 years worth of data that I don’t want to leave behind.

  9. Anonymous

    Right now, I personally have an excel worksheet that I use quite frequently to keep track of my bills. Do you think that using an online finance tracking website is worth it?


  10. Anonymous

    OK, I don’t like it…I can’t add my credit card rewards programs, frequent flier miles, or my auto insurance, or my college loans? Wow, that’s a lot I can’t track. Suck.

  11. Anonymous

    I was SO waiting for this to become free. I’m an avid yodlee user, now I would really like to try this quicken online. I’ve signed up let’s see if it compares!

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve been using both Mint and Yodlee for a while. Quicken managed to add a couple of things that are leading me to make the switch:
    “Upcoming” transactions. My wife can enter checks that she writes at home so that I know what our actual balance is, not just what the bank thinks we have.
    Credit cards. For some reason, even though I could see my credit card and loan accounts through the same website as my checking and savings accounts, Mint and Yodlee were not able to “see” them. Thus, a LOT of my spending was unaccounted for, except for the “credit card payment” paying it off at the end of the month.
    The only account of mine it didn’t find was my mortgage, but I don’t find that to be a deal-breaker. The upcoming transactions feature is a deal-maker, IMHO.

  13. Anonymous

    Sweet. I have been using Quicken Online for about 2 months. I was thinking about going ahead and paying for it (or upgrading to one of their software packages). I really like it.

    @ Stephen
    While I haven’t used, I think Quicken is much easier to use than Mint just never seemed intuitive to me. It has a few better features than Quicken Online but I find that Quicken is laid out better making it easier to navigate and easier to look at your budget “at a glance”.

  14. Stephen: Care to share more details? I’ve used Yodlee in the past (admittedly, quite awhile ago) and ran into a few bugs (or perhaps just limitations) that were showstoppers.

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