Tip’d Goes Public

About a month ago, I wrote about Tip’d, which is a bit like Digg, but with a financial focus. People can submit links, and Tip’d users vote on them. If an article receives enough votes, it makes it to the front page. Thus, Tip’d

As I noted previously, the big advantage of a site like this is the increased granularity over a general site like Digg. In fact, Tip’d has 12 different finance-related categories, so it’s easy to focus in on specific sub-topics. The targeted nature of this site also selects for a more finance-savvy audience, resulting in more effective filtering of the articles that get submitted.

Anyway, Tip’d is now out of beta, and is officially launching today, complete with the following feature improvements:

  • Published stories get direct links. No redirects, and no ‘nofollow’ directives
  • Two new categories – ‘business’ and ‘entrepreneurship’
  • The ‘Topple’ functionality (for down-voting) has been overhauled
  • You can now subscribe to receive published articles via e-mail
  • Upcoming stories can be sorted chronologically or by popularity
  • More effective duplicate submission detection
  • Better spam handling

At the time of this writing, Tip’d has over 1700 members who have submitted thousands of articles. It’s a pretty active place, so if you’re interested in financial news, you should definitely check it out.

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