The Weather Channel = MTV of Meteorology?

This is totally off-topic, but… When was it that The Weather Channel started devolving into the MTV of meteorology? Remember when MTV actually played music videos? Back before they started running reality show after reality show? Well, it seems that The Weather Channel has decided to turn their back on trivial little things such as actually reporting on the weather. Granted, they’re not nearly as bad as MTV when it comes to ignoring their raison d’être. But have you actually tuned into The Weather Channel recently? I did just that over the weekend, and was sorely disappointed. It seems that they’re branching out further and further into things like ‘Storm Stories’ or specials about volcanoes, etc. Yes, they still do “Local on the 8s” (local weather reports every ten minutes at 8, 18, 28, etc. after the hour). But I’d at least expect to see a ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen at all times giving you actual weather information. Perhaps they’re better during the week, but I’m not near a TV on weekday afternoons.

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  1. Anonymous

    The Weather Channel is the only thing my brain can handle at 7 AM. So I tend to be a little more tolerant of the nationwide coverage outside the “local on the 8s.”

    It may help that I watch it with the sound off (it’s technically not on the basic cable tier, but the block doesn’t interfere too much with the visuals, just the sound).

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