The Very Best Travel Savings Tip

Last week, Ed shared eight tips for saving money on vacation, and this morning I shared another eight travel saving tips. With those excellent tips as backdrop, I wanted to share with you the mother of all travel saving tips:

For those that can’t (or don’t want to) check out the video, it’s a humorous piece from The Onion that advises taking a vacation entirely in your mind. While this is intended as a joke, it does bring up the possibility of taking a “staycation, ” where you stay home and relax, visit local attractions, etc.

Not only can you save a good bit of money by taking a staycation, but you’ll probably return to work more relaxed and re-energized than if you had actually headed out of town for vacation. The key is to actually not work.

In the few cases where we’ve done a staycation, I’ve made a point of telling people at work that I’ll be away for the week, I’ve set up an auto-reply for my e-mail, etc. And guess what? It’s worked great. Have you ever done a staycation?

2 Responses to “The Very Best Travel Savings Tip”

  1. Anonymous

    LOL! Hilarious!

    Well…I haven’t been able to afford a travel-away vacation in years, and when I could, I didn’t have anyone to travel with (I find traveling alone, like eating out alone, a desolate experience), and besides, I couldn’t take enough time off work to go far.

    As for staycations: it’s the “actually not work” part that’s the heck of it! 😀

  2. Anonymous

    That was hysterical!
    I had a vacation at home just last week. We love to garden, and we have quite a nice little spot after all the TLC we’ve invested over the years. So it was a pleasure to spend time in the gazebo among the flowers with a good book and a cocktail 🙂

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